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DIY Balance Beam for Kids

DIY balance beam for kids using a pool noodle from And Next Comes L

Referees are arguably the author in all sports. Clad in a striped black and white outfit, he or she presides over the game, enforcing all rules and regulations.

You can dress up as a referee for Halloween, costume balls, or other special occasions, with fits available in adult sizes for both men and women. Lots of different styles based on the referee uniform are on the market, which you can complete with a cap, sports shoes or black dress shoes, and a whistle. You can even add other accessories, such as flags.

Other variations on the standard "ref" outfit for females include sexy women's return outfits, which any woman can wear for parties, or even inside the bedroom. Add to the referee look with these types of fits by wearing long tube socks, high-cut boots, or fishnet stockings.

A couple of comical takes on the male referendum costume are the referee costumes with oversized waists, which depict the typical cartoon referendum. Take a black and white vertically striped shirt, some dark long pants, a pair of black loafers, and top the costume off with an ill-fitting toupee. Another variation is the 'blind' reference costume, which you can make by simply adding a walking stick and a pair of thick black sunglasses to the usual referee garb.

There are more interesting variations on the referee dress for females. You can get the sexy referee look with a large number of specially made costumes. One of them is a return mini-dress with short sleeves, with either a dark pleated skirt or a striped one. You can also get a tight fitting pleasee sports shirt with a plunging neckline, and wear it with black hot pants, or wear a racier spaghetti-strapped black and white striped top with a black miniskirt.

There are so many ways for women to wear a referendum-themed outfit. The combinations are almost endless when you think about the footwear that can go with any of the aforementioned clothing. You can wear black, white, or multicolored thigh-high or knee-length socks with your footwear. The recommended footwear to complete your outfit can be any of the following: low or high-cut sneakers, knee-length or thigh-high boots with wedged heels or stilettos, black patent Mary Jane shoes, black or white high heels, or even a 'hybrid' boot, which combines the look of an old-school basketball hi-top shoe with the height that a 4-inch stiletto heel provides.

Call the shots at the next party, or make sure your rules are followed in the boudoir, with a multitude of referee outfits that you can purchase, or even make by yourself.