Dunlop’s Grandtrek SJ5 Snow Tire – Are These Winter Tires for Your SUV Or 4×4 Right for You?

Dunlop Grandtrek SJ5 snow tires have gotten excellent reviews for their grip and safety on winter ice and snow. This model has been around for a number of years and remains one of the best snow tires available.

The Grandtrek SJ5 is a studless winter tire specially developed for pickup trucks and SUVs. With strong braking and traction on snow and ice, they offer a big measure of safety and “get there” even in deep powder or slushy snow. In addition, customers like the SJ5 because the handling, noise, and treadwear are all excellent compared to competing snow tires. The SJ5 Grandtrek exceeds industry ratings for snow performance and features the coveted “snow flake over a mountain” symbol.

The best application for these tires is a medium- or large-sized SUV, 4×4, or pickup with high profile wheel and tire combination. Typical vehicles include the Range Rover, Ford Explorer and Expedition, Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet Silverado, and Nissan Murano, among others.

These are high profile tires. If you have a low profile setup on your vehicle, you want the Grandtrek WT M3 performance snow tire. The Grandtrek SJ5 is more moderately priced than the comparable Dunlop Grandtrek WT M2, making them a good choice for people looking for value pricing.

Where the Grandtrek SJ5’s really shine is braking and traction on snow and ice. This is the ideal characteristic for a winter snow tire. The tread features a large zig zag pattern and chunky rubber blocks that bite deeply into snow and crust. These tires will basically take you anywhere. In addition, owners report the ability to use the same set of tire over 3 to 5 winter seasons before they wear out — as long as they are used in snow and rain conditions, and not during the hot summer period where the soft rubber will wear out more quickly.

We enjoy sipping a cup of warm java while in bed. One minute you are sipping it and the next thing you know, your mattress is wearing it! What to do?

The first thing you need to do is to wipe the excess coffee out of your mattress. It should not completely seep in, otherwise you will have hard time getting rid of it. Now, prepare baking soda, water, vinegar, a sponge and an empty spray bottle.

Step 1: Spray the affected area with room temperature water to get rid of the surface stains and to prevent further damage done to the mattress. Hot coffee spilled on your memory foam mattress can damage the foam so immediately stop the heat by spraying cold water or room temperature water.

Step 2: Now mix one cup of white vinegar and four cups of water and put it in the spray bottle you have prepare earlier. If you don't have a spray bottle ready, just put the solution in a basin and use the sponge to apply it on the area affected. Give it a bit of scrub to help the solution penetrate better. Leave it there to dry for a few minutes, about 30 minutes or so.

Step 3: After 30 minutes, the vinegar should have already gotten rid of most of the stains. If there are still some stains evident, baking soda will do the trick. In t he mean time, spray the area affected again with clean water to get rid of the solution. Wipe the surface clean with the sponge.

Step 4: Now you can apply the baking soda. Just sprinkle it on top of the stained area. It is best to sprinkle it while the affected area is still relatively damp. It should absorb the baking soda quickly. Leave it there to dry for another 30 minutes.

Step 5: If you have a handy vacuum cleaner at home, vacuum the affected area away. This will get rid of the stains along with the baking soda residues. If you don't have this cleaning tool at home, your hair dryer should work just as well. Set it up in its lowest heat and direct it to the area affected.

Avoid using cleaning tools such as hydrogen peroxide or bleach in your memory foam. These cleaning materials can actually damage and discolor the mattress. For a quick fix, try the steps mentioned above so you can prolong the life of your memory foam.