6 Essential Tools for a DIY Car Wash

It is true that there are many car washes you can take your car to, or even contact mobile car valeting services. Yet, there is also the option of cleaning the vehicle on your own. That is not a bad thing to do, as long as you know how to maximise the result. It is hardly ideal to wash the car in a way that actually damages it or only removes the surface dust. Cleaning the vehicle is not as difficult as some believe, as long as you arm yourself with enough time and the right gear for the task. This is what you should acquire to do the job properly:

A microfibre wash mitt – one of the safest and easiest ways to clean the car is by donning a wash mitt on your hand. You can then use it to wash the surface of the vehicle. Once you have watered the paint and have applied the car cleaning product, you will find out just how useful the mitt is. The most important benefit is that it will not scratch the paint, unlike some rags that careless people use.

Car soap – one mistake you need to avoid when washing your car the DIY style is to use dishwashing liquid, instead of car soap. It is best to rely on the latter for the best result and also to prevent any form of paint damage. A car shampoo also works well, as long as it is specially designed for car washing.

Detailing kit – washing the car is an only basic form of car care. You can walk the extra mile and detail the vehicle. To that end, you can get a kit containing everything: wax, polish, protectant and detailer. Having everything all at once is a great way to get things done quickly and without hassle.

Vacuum cleaner – your car interior will develop dust and dirt over time. The best way to take care of that problem is to run a vacuum cleaner on the carpet and upholstery inside. Get one that is portable and easy to use, yet powerful enough to remove pet fur, dust, sand and whatever else ends up inside.

Steam cleaner – even the most powerful vacuum cleaner proves powerless against deeply embedded dust and dirt. To address this issue, you should use a steam cleaner. It will clean the seats in depth, providing a fresh and sanitised environment inside the car for you to enjoy.

Buffer and buffer heads – if you are only now getting to know buffers, you can use a manual one. It will not give your car a showroom-like appearance, but it can still fix some minor issues on the paint. An electric buffer is much better in every aspect, but you have to be careful with it so as not to damage the paint.

When you acquire all of these tools, you can bet that you will give your car a solid cleaning.

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