An All-White Kitchen Is Beautiful, Not Boring

Are you considering a quick affordable makeover for the kitchen? Do you think it is dull and needs something to spice it up? Why not use paint to beautify it? You can defy the rules of painting a cooking area and choose an all-white kitchen. It sounds shocking because kitchen is an area where water-spills and food-splatters are common. But, if you want to create a kitchen that stands out among other parts of your home, an all-white kitchen can be your solution. It can make the cooking area beautiful and sophisticated.

Why an All-White Kitchen is the Best Option for you?

  • A Timeless Choice

When you are interested in a long-term kitchen makeover, white color stands out as the best option. It is because white is a universal color and it goes well with every type of kitchen style such as country, vintage, modern, etc. White color makes it easy for you to add other colors to the theme. Yellow cabinets, blue backsplash or a black countertop – white color complements everything.

  • A Perfect Illusion

If the cooking area in your home is small, you can make it look bigger than before with a splash of white color. It will make the room feel airy and give you a chance to make the kitchen more inviting and beautiful. When you want to create the illusion of space, ask the painter to use white for cabinets, countertops, walls and other surfaces as well.

  • All-White Kitchen is not All-Boring

An all-white kitchen doesn’t have to be sterile like a hospital room. It can be stylish, sophisticated and beautiful. Add texture to the kitchen and give it a character. You can opt for rough beams, wooden counters, tiled backsplash and quirky storage baskets. Here are a few other ways of creating a cheerful all-white kitchen:

  1. You can paint the kitchen window or the kitchen island in a bright color to make the area look cheerful.
  2. Accessorize the kitchen space with your favorite cookbooks, unique succulent plants and colored utensils.
  3. Glass door for the cabinets can add texture to the space.
  4. Use dramatic lighting fixtures to perk up the room.

Don’t think that choosing the white color can make your kitchen boring. An all-white kitchen can look beautiful and inviting with the help of an experienced painter. Hire someone who understands your vision and gives you valuable tips to make your kitchen look like a million bucks. And, do not forget to add texture and dimension to the kitchen space because it will make all the difference.

Winter is a very welcoming season in our hot and moist climate. So, we do not pay enough heed to protect our skin during winter, if we have oily skin. We have an illusion that oily skin does not need any protection from the harsh and cold weather, but that is wrong. Like normal and dry skin types, it also needs cleansing, toning, scrubbing and hydration to stay healthy. In winter, oily skin becomes dry and rough leading to the formation of white and black heads. Sometimes acne also becomes a vital problem in winter.

In winter, our sebaceous glands do not stop secreting excess oil. So, ideally we should not stop following our daily skin-care routine but read it to keep looking bright and healthy. We need to follow some essential winter skin-care tips for oily skin.



We must wash our face twice with lukewarm water using a gel based cleanser or face wash. It removes the excess oil and dirt and makes our face clean. After that we should wipe it off gently with a clean towel.


We should use water-based moisturizer or face lotion that are meant especially for oily skin after washing our face regularly. It helps in maintaining the oil balance without that greasy feel. We should also use a moisturizer or a night-cream and leave it overnight as it works shield from dryness.


We must do face-skin exfoliation at least twice a week to have a more clear skin. It also helps us get rid of black heads and white heads. But we must choose a gel based scrub with minute granules and enriched with vitamin E.


We generally use hot water for shower during winter which causes the lack of moisture in our skin. To compensate for it, we should add some drops of tea-tree oil in the hot water regularly to keep the moisture balance and also to sooth our skin. We can also use body soap or body wash enriched with tea-tree oil for better results.


Bright and healthy skin not only comes from the outer care but also needs inner protection which comes from a disciplined life-style. We must drink plenty of water to hydrate our skin during winter and eat lots of juicy fruits. The vitamins and anti-oxidants of fruits nourish our skin from inside.

The above winter skin-care tips for oily skin should be followed to keep glowing when the mercury goes down. We should follow them to have a breathable, healthy looking and bright skin as healthy skin is like a boon which not only enhances our beauty but also helps us feel confident from within.