Save Money By Using an iPhone 5c Replacement Screen DIY Kit

Most iPhone users have to put up with screen damage and related issues at some or the other. No matter how well designed and robustly built this gadget may be, it is still a fragile tool in your hands. Any damage to your iPhone 5C screen will give way to a nightmare of repairs and installations, not to mention the heavy toll it will take on your pocket. But instead of going straight to AppleCare for costly repairs, try using an iPhone 5c screen replacement DIY kit. Let us illustrate how you can save money by using this kit to fix your broken iPhone screen.

DIY kit for iPhone screen replacement – save time
While many iPhone repairs can leave you phoneless for days or even weeks, using a DIY kit can help you avoid this communication downtime. Instead of leaving your phone at the workshop and being cut off from the world, you can now fix it at home within hours, ensuring no loss of communication (and in case of business users – no loss of clients!). Do it yourself is not a daunting task – it is easy and saves time which translates into money savings too.

DIY kit iPhone screen replacement – save on tools
While managing iPhone screen repair yourself, it is crucial to have the right tool in hand to avoid mishaps with the gadget. Thus, you need high quality repair tools to replace your iPhone 5C screen on your own including a suction cup, screw drivers, spudger tool and more. An all-inclusive do-it-yourself kit comes with reliable tools that you will need to replace your iPhone screen. No need to spend extra on buying these from the market!

DIY kit iPhone screen replacement – save on quality parts
While AppleCare will provide you with top notch repair parts, DIY replacement screens also come equipped with decent quality screens and other components for fixing the damage. As long as you have chosen a good quality kit, you can rest assured that the replacement parts you are getting will be reliable and won't cause any damage to your device. Plus, you can acquire them at less than half the price of a genuine iPhone 5C screen!

DIY kit iPhone screen replacement – save on labor cost
A very obvious reason to go for a DIY screen replacement kit is the cost of labor and service you will save by avoiding going to a workshop and doing the task yourself. AppleCare and other repair centers will charge you a hefty sum for their services. The DIY kit, on the other hand, comes with detailed instructions and guidelines that you can follow to manage the task with ease, thereby saving the amount you would have spent on hiring professionals to do the job.

Don't worry at all! A high quality DIY iPhone screen replacement kit will definitely enable you to fix your device without any hassle involved. Buy one today!

In Native American Astrology, there are twelve moons and twelve signs that create the astrological system and that form the basis of their twelve-month calendar.  Those twelve signs are based on the Native American medicine wheel. In this article, we will look at the first sign.

If you were born between December 22nd and January 20th, then your primary power animal is the snow goose.

Snow Goose

"Snow Geese like everything to be perfect; they are literal nitpickers. They will spend hours happily picking mosquitoes from other their feathers. People born under the sign of the snow goose are perfectionists." -Deborah Durbin, Simply Native American Astrology

Snow Goose Character Traits

People born under this sign tend to be very practical people who want to have everything in order. They take things seriously but also have a rather dry sense of humor.

If this is your sign, you are likely to be quite independent. And good in a crisis. You are the one that people turn to when there is a crisis. They know they can count on you to be there for them and to remain steady while they fall apart.

You are sometimes quite cautious, yet you have a quiet confidence and can be very strong-willed. You work hard at anything you do and you set standards for yourself and others that are hard to meet. It bothers you to think you have let anyone down, but people let you down quite frequently when they fail to live up to your expectations.

You are often self-critical when you let yourself down and you expect others to be as demanding of themselves in a work environment. You expect them to work as hard and be as disciplined and when they don't or aren't, it disappoints you.

You are likely to be highly organized and very good at juggling multiple tasks at once. You are firm but fair in the way you deal with others.


There are lots of options for the person born under this sign. Any job that makes good use of your organizational skills would be good, and you need a job where there is an opportunity for you to be an authority figure.

You are good at debating, which would help you as both a lawyer and a politician, and you also would be a good teacher.

Publishing is a common choice for people with this sign. In one publishing house, nine of the ten employees were born under the snow goose sign.