DIY Murphy Beds – Dare To Do Your Own DIY Murphy Bed

For starters, let’s talk a bit about William Lawrence Murphy, the man responsible for this modern space saving solution. Little did he know that Murphy beds would sweep the world with his innovating idea of saving space and yet having a great looking area when folded away. He was a lady’s man and wanted to impress them when he invited them into his home, but lived in a small home. So he invented the first wall bed that would hide and make his home feel neat and tidy to impress the girls.

Piston mechanisms are used to operate them by using two of them. The less common use air pressure to raise and support in order to lower the bed frame. It has the ability to lock when the bed is vertical up hidden in the wall. This lock is a safety feature, however a very accurate installation must be achieved. Old traditional Murphy bed systems use steel springs. Springs are the only mechanism that the Murphy beds should use because they are heavy duty and bring measured balance. These make the lifting and lowering of your wall bed lightweight.

So let’s talk about the benefits of owning a Murphy bed. To name a few:

  • More space available instantly for your bedroom
  • More free floor area
  • Different decor for your room
  • Choose from different styles – horizontal or vertical
  • Simplify your life, less time making up the bed
  • Many options such as, bedrooms, den, living room, tiny houses, guest houses, vacation homes, rental homes, shipping container homes, houseboats, cottages, etc.

Save lots of money by building your own Murphy bed. A ready to install Murphy bed could be more than $2,000 easily. On the other hand, a DIY Murphy bed is going through the trouble of building it, but many people are very handy and have a talent doing these kind of projects. There are hardware kits that might be found for $500 approximately, but others that include the wood and hardware could be around $1,000. So there is a variety of options and prices.

Some people have the money to do it full blast custom made, but many others prefer to make it happen on their own while saving plenty of money to use for other needs. Don’t be frightened by the wood work as you can have these cut to the required measurements by your local hardware and lumberyard store. The same construction details that go into a twin, double/full or queen size Murphy bed are identical except for the sizes. Funny to say, that no matter what the size is, you will find the cost for any of the sizes to be the same.

One of the best options is that they are available in a vertical or horizontal setup. Very convenient for planning well the available floor space that is available.

Picture the place to install your Murphy bed, whether in a room or in a living room inside a tiny house and enjoy the comfort and great space saving setup. Underneath your Murphy bed you can also install a desk shelf that will appear as you close up your bed into the wall and have a working desk, then add a chair and you’re good to go with another advantage and now you’ll have a double-duty bed and desk.

There are many ideas and images you can look up by using Google images and trigger your thoughts as to a variety of things you will be able to do by using a Murphy bed.

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