Amateur Desktop DIY CNC Machine for Home Use

Recently, among the craftsmen, it has become increasingly popular to use machines with CNC (computer numerical control) for use in household purposes. At the moment, almost everyone has a personal computer, desktop or laptop, which can help to control the execution of highly accurate and time-consuming routine work in the field of modeling, electronics, graphics, etc.

Why Do We Need a Desktop DIY CNC Machine?

Well, if an amateur hobbyist has a strong background in the theory and experience in the manufacture of precision mechanics and electronics, he is able to design and manufacture an amateur machine for his own purpose. But not everyone can shoulder this task. In order to produce an inexpensive amateur machine, you need a desktop DIY CNC machine. For "lazy", a ready-mounted and well-established machine with stepper motors would be a good option.


When using the machine as a working tool, you can:

  • Drill holes (manufacture of printed circuit boards);
  • Mill on wood, plastics, particle board, MDF and similar materials;
  • Cut complex shapes from plywood parts (eg in modeling);
  • Engrave on all non-metal material.

When using the machine as a pen or other stylus, you can make drawings and inscriptions on various materials and objects, including paper, film, CD and DVD drives.

When using the machine as a tool head with a laser diode, you can possibly:

  • Burn printed wiring pictures in an amateur production of printed circuit boards;
  • Burn pictures, graphics and labels in a variety of materials (wood, plexiglass, plastics, leather, etc.)
  • Cut letters, inscriptions, and drawings on advertising self-adhesive film type on microporous materials of 1-6 mm thick;
  • Burn on wood, plywood photos, making burning family photos;
  • Laser engrave nameplates on plastics and metal;
  • Cut materials which are not thick into complex-shape pieces;


If you are in need of such a machine for Home use, I'd like to recommend the triaxial desktop DIY CNC machine. It is made of aluminum material, durable and solid. With the adjustable focal length, you can use it for wood carving and so on. The main purposes include wooden plaque engraving, laser engraving, PCB sculpture, acrylic sculpture, etc. What's more, this machine is equipped with a constant-current driver board, which ensures stable output optical power. And there is no need of external driver board. Thus, as far as I'm concerned, this triaxial desktop DIY CNC machine would be a good option for home use.

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